Be yourself; everyone else is taken.

Oscar Wilde

We all admire people who appear just to ‘be themselves’ when the focus is on them, confident of who they are in those situations where we feel exposed, vulnerable and judged. Their secret? To be yourself you have to perform yourself – regardless of how you feel.

You brand teaches you how to perform yourself so that you appear real and natural, and able to engage and interact with people sensitively, empathically and persuasively – no matter whom you’re with or where you are.

It’s the craft of performing yourself. We’d love to help you discover it.


Launched in 1989, You brand coaching has had a significant impact on the lives and careers of many people in the worlds of business, politics and the professions, as well as on the thinking and approach within the coaching field itself.

All our coaches are trained and experienced professional actors.  We carefully select and coach them in the You brand methodology, a process that usually takes at least a year.  Many of them have professional qualifications and experience outside acting, and all are conversant with the world of business.

This contributes to a disciplined, creative and energised working environment that draws at all times on a healthy balance between head, heart and body.  That means that we’re fully aligned with what we coach, which is essential because demonstration and example are an important part of how we work.  So we need to be able to actually do what we teach other people to do!


What the programme delivers

This is typically a 4 – 5 day one-to-one programme taken over 3 months.
As the programme unfolds, you’ll learn a practical toolkit that will help you to:

  • understand how you ‘occur’ to people
  • discover your potential charisma and natural presence
  • energise how you look and sound
  • be comfortable ‘in your skin’ and able to project this
  • be free from scripts, notes and slides
  • appear to talk off the cuff but always stay on track
  • transform your nerves into fuel and power
  • overcome psychological sabotage and keep you in a positive mind-set
  • deepen your relationships with people through active listening
  • read and understand body language
  • talk like TED
  • not be open to interpretation
  • strategise your messages to hit the sweet spot
  • have a natural conversation with your audience, whether one person or 500
  • be present and heard in the room
  • put emotional intelligence into practice
  • interact with understanding and empathy
  • develop and sustain strong relationships
  • influence people to do things
  • realise the strengths and navigate the weaknesses of being an introvert or extravert
  • connect with your true feelings in life decisions and career choices
  • always be recognisable as you, warts ‘n all – wherever you go!

For further information, please email us for an outline of the programme.


The way we look and sound has a huge impact on the way people feel about us and respond to us, whether they buy us - and buy from us.

This isn’t about whether we’re thin or round, tall or short, soprano or bass, young or old, male or female, black, white, yellow or brown. The reason goes deeper than that, and lives in a paradox, which is this: the key to appearing real, natural and engaging – especially in those stressful situations that can make us the exact opposite – is to perform ourselves; but this doesn’t feel real or natural. You brand turns this paradox to advantage, bringing you a performance toolkit to give you greater definition (You) and the ability to take this with you wherever you go (brand).

This is a brilliantly creative, circular process. By performing yourself you explore and discover more of you, and connect with yourself at a deeper level – in a sense, you define yourself by expressing yourself – and it is this connection that, in turn, fuels and energises your performance. So the more you do it the more real and self-assured you become; the more confident to disclose and share your vulnerability in a way that is truly human and inspirational, and that is the basis of our empathy and relationships with other people.

In the words of Rob Goffee, it’s all about “being yourself – more – with skill.”


Here are some of the organisations we are working with at the moment…


Meet The Team

Julia Goodman


Julia trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama and went on to a successful career as actor, director and producer in television, film and theatre. She launched the pioneering You brand methodology and philosophy in 1989, and she and her team have been using it to help people and organisations realise their full potential ever since.

Mark Mason-Jones MA (Cantab) MBA


Mark’s background is in management consultancy, organisational design, sales and marketing, and copywriting. He has an MA in Modern Languages from Cambridge and an MBA from Manchester Business School, and has helped Julia build the business since he joined in 1994. He specialises in helping clients find ‘the story’ in what they are saying and their emotional connection with it, so that it can become engaging and genuine.

Helena Michell


Actress Helena became a You brand Coach in 2008 after 14 years as a role-player with the company. She says she was drawn to the process “because it works! It is transformational. It combines all the themes I feel passionate about: the physical elements of performance, the psychology of managing relationships, and the analysis of transactions. Helena has an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling focusing on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Transactional Analysis.

Catriona Elliott


Cat originally trained as an actress and presenter and has worked extensively in theatre, television and film. As a facilitator and coach she delights in bringing different methods to the table. Catriona’s energy and passion for development are infectious and inspire clients to develop their potential both professionally and personally.

Lara Danobeitia


A professional actress for 15 years, Lara has been a You brand Coach since 2002. She has supported numerous clients in high value new business pitches. Her experience of the work is that it gives people “a unique understanding of how to create a connection with an audience, be that one person or one hundred. This work is not about acting; it is about connecting with what you truly think, feel and believe and having the skills to communicate that with impact.”

Conrad Hornby


Trained at RADA, Conrad has just completed his training as a You brand Coach. He describes the process as “challenging, draining, fulfilling and liberating”!

Olivia Leigh

Project Manager

Hannah Gernon

Programme Director


You brand

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